Pointe-Noire graduation 2010


The International Theological Institute of the Congo (ITIC) is an institution of university education, which works with churches in Pointe-Noire, and is in partnership with: “The Centre International d’Evangélisation et des Missions.” (CIEM)

It’s Pointe-Noire Seminary is the culmination of a development process, both at the thought and at the action in the field, where pastors and leaders are trained. Knowing the need for biblical training, the “CIEM” was striving to establish extensions of the International Theological Institute in some African cities: Kinshasa, Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville.
As need be felt, the International Theological Institute will organize distance learning for some courses. This certainly responds to the concern of candidates who cannot move towards two extensions currently planned in the Republic of Congo.

In its first year of existence in Africa in 2007, the Institute opened its doors to all Evangelical Churches in general. However, we also welcome students from other Christian movements.
Training of theologians able to develop a practical ministry, true disciples of Jesus Christ for the training, development and equipping the Church against invasive heresies: this is the vocation of the International Theological Institute.



                                                                          First Pointe-Noire Students graduation                                                      



Lessons are structured around a program including a theoretical component, whose philosophy is to remain in the evangelical doctrine and a practical component including the chapel and the internship. The program has two cycles:

    • Bible School (3 years)
    • Bachelor degree (3 years).
  1. Courses

    Courses in the curriculum are grouped into 5 categories including:
    Two biblical disciplines:

    • Old & New Testament
    • The Systematic Theology
    • The Historical Theology
    • The Practical Theology

  2. Faculty

    The International Theological Institute has a team of five permanent teachers: Professors, senior lecturers and junior lecturers work with undeniable scientific and pedagogical skills. This team of Kinshasa is regularly reinforced by visiting professors from other universities in the United States.
  3. Schedules Candidates for training are proposed flexible and adaptable schedules to various situations. It is possible to complete the entire program within the allotted time even if one has a full time secular profession.

  4. Intensive Sessions

An intensive session is held every year at the beginning, for two weeks following the official ceremony; to announce new guidelines and especially for biblical languages:

    • Greek
    • Hebrew.

Morning session: 08.30 pm – 01.30 pm
Evening session: 06.00 pm – 08.30 pm


           Mike Gunn teaching at Kinshasa                      David Fandey with Student - Kinshasa                  Gabriel teaching at Pointe-Noire

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