Dr Gabriel baptizing a girl at Wassa church, 2006                                                                                 Dr Gabriel and Pastor Romain baptizing

Wassa Church is the church that Pastor Gabriel has been attending when I was really born again. His first sermon was in November 24, 1980. This date used to be a Youth day for many churches in Kinshasa. It was one of Congolese Holiday to celebrate Mobutu's presidence anniversary. A kind of the President day.




      Ejela Kisanga & Raphiya Kisanga baptism Kinshasa                                                                         Pastor Kasenga and Dikesha baptizing

We sometime baptize in the River such as Lukunga river, N'djili river or others. We also baptize in the pool located in Kasavubu or in the Wassa church baptistry. Pastor Kasenga and Pastor Jacques have been baptizing Ejela and Raphiya in Kasavubu pool.




                  Yolo Church in 2008                                                                                                                                             Yolo Church May 16, 2006

Yolo Church was laumched in January 16, 2006. But, we could see a significant growth four months later, in May 2006. When we start a new church, we usually host evening services only. We has been hosting evening services in Tuesday, Thrusday and Sunday evening as well. Every Monday is for leaders Bible study and training. This church used to be our missionary base out it come all of our churches.


 Dr Gabriel preaching at Yolo Church,2006                                                                                                                 Bel-Air Church in 2008

Regarding Bel-Air church, we started Bible study and discipleship in 2008. But, the church was launched in 2010.





                     Bel-Air church in 2010                                                                                                                                 Bel-Air Church in 2012


From 2010 and 2012, Bel-Air church has experienced an exponential growth. Unfortunatly, the landlord has sold her property to chinese businessmen. This church no longer exist. Same for Yolo church.




           Dr Gabriel preaching at La Borne Church-Lemba                                                  Dr Gabriel introducing Mike Gunn at Kinshasa seminary 

La Borne is a Network of churches in Assembly of Church, D.R.C started by a Missionary from Switzeland. They target well educated people and upper people. The current Congolese President and his challenger in opposition attend one of La Borne campuses





Church Planting Training event, Sang Preciuex Church 2004                                                Kananga conference late in 2004

The conference at Sang Precieux church was our first biggest conference in Kinshasa-Kalamu held on Auhust 2004. Three of DCPI missinaries joined us from the US. Of course, Kananga is our biggest conference ever, where more than 1000 people attended our general session. It took place later after the Sang Precieux conference.





                                                                            Sermon in Makala Prison, October 01, 2006

Makala Prison is Kinshasa's biggest prison. The Government has given us facilities to minister once monthly to women and to men as well. I have been preaching at Kinshasa's prison since 1982.




   Preaching and Praying for people - Wassa church, Dec 2003                                                                    Baby dedication - Kisantu church   

Wassa church was established by my Mentor, The Rev Joseph Ngyuwu, who died in January 01, 2018. This is the church, which sent me to Europe for theological studies. Kisantu church were planted by Pastor Alain, who has been in prison, were we minister to him and he was born again.   



 Crossing the Congolese River to Soyo for conference 2006                                          Training event in Soyo, Angola, 2006

Soyo is one of cities in the North-West of the Republic of Angola. The Rev Lueso, Dany and Josue Biala came along with me to host this event in Angola. That was our first training event in this country. 


Dr Gabriel training leaders at Soyo, Boa Vida church, 2006                               Dr Gabriel preaching at Cabinda, Angola-Church planting event, 2007                                                                                                                                        

Among leaders who have attended our conference in Soyo, we had : the cheif military in charge of Soyo, the Administrator of Soyo and others notables from the area. Some pastors from Cabinda joined us in Soyo for this church planting event.



   Sunday service at Kimvula - Kindongolosi Church, 2008                                      Kimvula, D.R.Congo - Kindongolosi church,2008

Kimvula is located at about 320 km(198,84 miles) from Kinshasa, D.R.Congo. Due to the bad conditions of road, it took us four days to get there in 2008 when Lily and I visited for the last time.

          Graduation in Kinshasa, D.R.Congo 2007                                          Entering into the Kasavubu Chapel for Graduation, Kinshasa 2007


First time Graduation in Kinshasa seminary in 2007. At that time Gabriel has been running and teaching at the Assembly of Church seminary in Kinshasa-Kasavubu. The same year, he started an other seminary in Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo. Pointe-Noire is located at about 544,1km. Due to bad roads and rebellion groups operating between Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville detour was recommandation, which makes distance longer.




      Pointe-Noire Graduation 2010, Rep of the Congo                                   Speech at Pointe-Noire Graduation 2010, Rep Of the Congo


First time graduation at our Seminary in Pointe-Noire. Jean-Marie Tumba, our Academic Secretary, Pastor Olivier Bobua and I went to Pointe-Noire to host this event.






                  Pastor Rubens teaching at Kinshasa event                                                                 Medie teaching at Kinshasa event               

Rev Rubens, Pastor Medie and I have been hosting a church planting training event in an area of Kinshasa called Kinshasa. This is one of the area close to down town Kinsasa.                                                                  







 Bishop Mbulu teaching at Lubumbashi event, 2005                                           Dr Gabriel teaching at Lubumbashi event, 2005 

Bishop Boniface Mbulu, one of our leaders from Kananga and I have been gone to Lubumbashi, at the South-East of the D.R.Congo to host a church planting training event. Many leaders from the remote areas joined us. Bishop Mbulu goes to minister among pygmees.



    Elijah on Lily's back in Kinshasa, D.R.Congo 2012                                        Dr Gabriel holding Elijah in Bremerton after adoption 2013

Elijah was abandonned by his biological Mom when he was two weeks. We have been taking care of him. He has spent more than one year and six months in Gabriel and Lily house in Kasavubu, Kinshasa. He is adopted by a family from Seattle area, Washington-State, where they live now. 



                                                                               Food for homeless Sunday school children - Makala Fuma


Pastor Nsilulu one of our leaders in Kinshasa-Makala is feeding Sunday school homeless children at Makala-Fuma



                      Kindele community schooll 2010                                                                       Homeless children with Pastor Marcel Mambu



          Pastor Dikesha translating Dr Gabriel-Kindele 2009                                                                 Kindele church facility 2009




                 KIndele New Church planting event 2009                                                                Kindele church planting event 2009


       Dr Gabriel, Charlotte & Pastor Kasenga at Kindele school                                                                Kindele school students 2010

We care for children providing Biblical teaching, christian education, elementary school for kids from poor families and food for homeless children. We are seeking to purchase property to accommodate orphans as well.



  Bishop Mbulu with missionaries - Pygmees area                                                                                         Pygmee ladies - Pygmees'house

Bishop Boniface Mbulu, one of our Master trainers has started a church in the pygmees area. He could visit in order to minister among pygmees with some leaders from his church, who are pygmee indigenous.



                       Quimbele church, Angola                                                                                          Quimbele evening service 2018



                     Kilala church, Uige,Angola                                                                                                                     Pedrela church, Uige, Angola

Pastors and leaders came from Angola to Kinshasa in 2005 and 2006 to be trained. After their training, they went back to their origin areas. We went to host training event in Angolan two Northen cities: Soyo and Cabinda in 2006 and 2007. These leaders trained from Angola have reported 25 churches planted in Angola. During Spring 2017 and 2018, Gabriel has visited some of these churches and leaders as well in Angola.



                  Buengas church, Angola 2018                                                                                                     Pastor Landu, Leading Sunday service





                      Buengas Norte, Market                                                                                                             Noqui church, Angola 2018, Pastor Paul



        Mbanza-Kongo church-Pinto Lead Pastor                                                                                                   Maquela church-Adoli Lead Pastor 

After been trained in Kinshasa, D.R.Congo, Rev Mavinga, Pastor Landu, Pastor Jean Tiago, Pastor Mbele and Gaby Nkoy went back to Angola, where they have planted churches and ministering in their origin areas. Gabriel payed them visit twice during spring 2017 and 2018. 



    Elijah and his adopted Dad Ben Salo in Kinshasa March 2013                                            Elijah joined the Salo's in Bremerton March 2013

Ben Salo came to the D.R.Congo in February 2013 to pick up Elijah, his adopted son. Ben has spent five weeks with us in Kinshasa, D.R.Congo. Now they live in the Seattle area. Ben works for the US Navy as Accountant. Ben and his wife Mariya have others biological children as well.

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