Acts 29 DRCongo  has three primary needs in funding at present:

  1. Sponsor two Church planting conferences each year. Provide a John MacArthur French study Bible to each participant.  One hundred and fifty (150) bibles are required for each event. The bibles are purchased in bulk from a source in France for the steeply discounted price of $20 per bible. Use donation selection "Conference", or "Bibles".
  2. There is a desperate need to to make up the monthly shortfall of $2900. This is due to internal circumstances in a number of our supporting churches, who stopped supporting Acts29 DRC. Use donation selection "Monthly".
  3. Purchase a property to accommodate one of the Acts29 DRC churches that was expelled from the rental property they were using for their worship services. Acts29 DRC is looking to purchase the property that the church was expelled from to secure a permanent location. Use donation selection "Property".
  4. Make a general donation so that Acts29 DRC can decide how to use the funds. Use the donation selection "General".

To make an online donation to any of these causes:

  1. Click the donate Button.
  2. On the donation page select or enter the amount you would like to donate.
  3. From the donation selection list, select the cause that you want to donate to.
    "Conference", "Bibles", "Property", "Monthly", or "General". 
  4. Select recurring if you want to make a periodic recurring donation.
  5. Click Submit to compete the transaction.

To make donations by check for any of these causes:

  1. Write checks to “Confluence Church”.
  2. Write a note in the memo field, “For Gabriel’s Ministry
  3. Add Suffix to the Note field of "Conference", "Bibles", "Property", "Monthly", or "General".
  4. Mail your Check to:
    Confluence Community Church
    P.O. Box 211
    Lewiston, ID 83501

Accepting donations requires a couple of steps.

  1. Set up a bank account to act as your donation processor
  2. Complete the set up of this donation page - consider including a tracking code - and delete this content

Learn more about how to accept donations.