Pastor Gabriel Kisanga

  • Founder of CIEM Church in 2004 - CHRIST'S INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY : "C.I.M."in the English version.
  • Co-founder of ITIC (International Institute of the Congo) 2007 at Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo
  • Director and DRC Representative for Acts 29 Indigenous Church Planter in the Democratic Republic of Congo,

Gabriel has started by training leaders since January 16, 2004 ; but he has launched the first church in Yolo on January 16, 2006. The church in Yolo is the missionary base out of it came all of these churches in Angola, Brazzaville Congo and in DRC

   Lily & Gabriel Kisanga               Gabriel leading Sunday service 1986          Landsurveying California,USA               Makala Prison 10/01/2006



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24 Rue Yalingo Q/Yolo-Sud                                     PO BOX 9473                                                       [email protected]
Kinshasa/Kalamu, DRC                                            FRESNO CA 93792                                              [email protected]

D.R.Congo cell: +243 898 244 986                      US cell: 559-349-5002