Who are we ? 

CIM of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is also CIEM in French Speaking countries context is a DRC registered non-profit organization as well as a church planting association and a network of reproductive churches. We are representing CIM in the DRC.


The main goal of CIEM is to plant churches that plant churches: this means, churches which multiply themselves by planting others churches.

We exist to encourage, resource, facilitate, support, and equip churches so that they may establish churches that plant churches.


Church is an early church strategy to implement the Lord's recommendation found in the book of Matthew 28:19,20. So, it is the best way to fulfill God's mission, which is the evangelization of the world.

Planting churches is the mean by which Jesus Christ makes known Himself, since the community of lights is sent toward the world to cast out darkness, proclaim acts of the Lord and praise God by our worship services as well as by our community life. Psalm 96:3 ; Mt 5:14-16.

Overall, we exist to:

  • Evangelize the world;
  • Encourage evangelization by planting churches;
  • Glorify God by living and proclaiming Christocentric Gospel.


  • Train church leaders and send them to their origin areas to plant churches that plant churches among people from their cultures and speaking the same languages;
  • Strengthen existing churches by equipping church leaders as well as board members to develop strong leadership ; and challenge them to work in other to make the church dynamic and reproductive;
  • Evangelize unreached people;
  • Pray for one an other, for nothing can be accomplished without the God's grace;
  • Set up network of church leaders.

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